I initially recorded the arrangements and all of the instruments and vocals for the songs in my home studio. When I teamed up with up-and-coming producer Patrick Hizon, I brought my demos to his studio and we re-arranged some of the tracks and chords and re-recorded the final parts that would be released on the album.

Patrick helped layer some beautiful parts on piano, keyboard/synth, as well as beefing up the drum sounds and finally professionally mixing the songs to blend everything together in a well-rounded, full sounding mix.

The entire process was heavily delayed due to the COVID pandemic, and we had to go back and forth sending each other mixes and updating, critiquing, and finalizing the album through email/text/facetime.

When we had finished mixing all of the songs to our liking, the album was then sent off to Sun Room Audio Mastering services to be mastered to commercial levels and the result is the final sound that you hear on the album.